Tapas K Ray


A Cincinnati resident, Tapas K Ray is a scientist in the US federal government and does research on behavioral health economics. An amateur actor and a poet, his poetries surface from time to time in various vernacular literary magazines in India. A pastel artist by training, Tapas was introduced to oil in his early thirties and never looked back. Being inspired by Indian mythology, especially the concept of ‘third eye,’ his paintings are mostly influenced by his sense of existence. Armed with brush he often travels effortlessly between painting and poetry. To him Mother Nature is God herself and a human being is equally treasured as an ant. ‘Life’ as a form is mundane and two dimensional. The artist within indulges him to mold life with colors and add dimensions to it. His paintings though brazen, reflect the same logical sense, and silently protest against human exceptionalism.


Tapas also makes films. His first film “Peace Haven” was premiered at the prestigious Busan Film Festival last year. In his spare time he likes to travel and teach.


Tapas was trained in oil by Kathryn Myers at the University of Connecticut.


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