Nrityarpana School of Performing Arts




Nrityarpana School of Performing Arts


Art is a powerful vehicle of change.  This is more so for the visual performing arts. Founded in 2004, Nrityarpana School of Performing Arts, a non-profit organization was envisioned as a tool that offered training in the classical art form of dance and created a platform to present innovative, thought provoking powerful productions that both entertain and educate the participants and the audience.  Over the past years, the school has been successful in creating productions on topics as varied as the cross-cultural classical  the probing with blend of activism, the innovative and unconventional and the intensely patriotic.
The school trains students in the classical style of Bharathanatyam and offers choreography as advanced training. Offering courses that are geared towards a deeper understanding of the arts, the school strives towards holistic learning of this great ancient art. Spearheaded by the director, Anupa Mirle, the school has also established a strong presence in the Cincinnati area by collaborating with other non-profit organizations that promote diversity and the arts. These range from local museums to schools in the Cincinnati area.  is one such program has been highly acclaimed and has received support form the Indian and mainstream communities.
Building Community Through Art. The Indian community is a fairly young immigrant community in the USA.  With second generation Indian Americans at schools, colleges and the work force, the role of the artist is changing from a preserver to a builder of communities. Anupama Mirle is involved in this as a founder of her arts organization, NrityArpana School of Performing Arts, and as a co-founding member of the Indian Sister City of Mysore, this effort was started a few years ago and came to fruition during the summer of 2012 with a gala for the Indian Ambassordor to the United States,
her excellency Nirupama Rao.