Neelam Jaiswal


Neelam’s work can be best described as a combination of Science, Art, Culinary skills, Creativity and above all Passion! One does not necessarily need to go through formal training if they are passionate about something. Neelam fits into this category in the truest sense of the word. A scientist by profession, she is passionate about the “Art and Science” of cooking. She has always been curious about the science behind food and cooking. She truly believes that food really does taste better when it looks good and is presented with a touch of artistry. She has been using her artistic skills to present food by arranging, modifying and decorating it to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Her art can be seen in her food displays that include but not limited to border garnishes, salad and table centerpieces, fruit displays and edible flower arrangements.
Neelam also promotes reusable “Rangoli” which she creates using silk flowers, gems, beads, acrylic paints etc. She has been making Rangolis from these materials for last 10+ years and has been requested to take charge of decorations for several weddings, various diversity and temple events.
Neelam lives in Mason, OH with her husband Dr. Rama Kant Jaiswal who is also a stain glass artist.