Picture-2 MohenJodaro

Mohenjodaro Band

• Jim Feist - Tabla
• John Ruzsa - Flutes
• Zach Mechlem - Slide Guitar, Egyptian Tabla, Banjo-Mandolin
Mohenjo Daro delivers a powerful presentation of original, yet traditional Indian and Middle Eastern inspired music. The group's inherently western methods blend with elements ranging from Indian raga and devotional music to Arabic trance and belly dance music.
Over the past decade Mohenjo Daro has developed a unique repertoire that realistically combines their Western influences with their shared knowledge of Indian and Arabic music.In the fall of 2000 the band signed with Tandem Records and in 2002, and 2005, made critically acclaimed performances at the Montreal Jazz Festival.
The “Cincinnati Entertainment Awards” has 19 years of track record of honoring the local original music makers. Mohenjodaro Band has been the proud recipient of this prestigious award not once, but twice!