"Let the beauty we love be what we do."

- Rumi (Persian poet; 1207 - 1273)



Crave2Create is a non profit organization that promotes creativity and cultural diversity through live concerts, quality events and exhibitions showcasing global talent in various forms of art including music, dance, visual art, and photography.


Our endeavor is to inspire creative talent through various forums including concerts, competitive and fun events that will bring out the artist in you.


If you are a student or a professional, a budding musician or a local band, a ballet or a Balinese dancer, painter or a photographer,  through our collaborative effort, we will  not only showcase your talent but also create enjoyable experiences for the audience.

Team  (Board Members)

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Mrinalini (Mini) Ayachit


Finance and Operations

Passion is the energy that keeps us all going, that keeps us filled with happiness and excitement. My passion for music and for assessing financial risks, is what drives me and my professional career. 

I have been very fortunate that in my wonderful journey from India, my country of origin, to United States I have been  exposed to a diverse variety of art forms and cultures. It is my firm belief that creativity and passion not only drive innovation but also form the basic fabric of  our society. This is the inspiration behind "Crave2Create".

I am very excited about my journey forward and it will always be my endeavor to create enjoyable experiences for artists as well as the audience at all the events hosted by C2C. 



Sangeeta Singh

Analytics and Creativity

The perspectives around right-brain versus left brain thinking have always fascinated me because it is the creative side of me that helps me come up with new ways of looking at a logical problem. Although I have been working in the "Analytics"  space for over 15 years now, I crave for opportunities where I could exploit my creative thinking ability and at the same time make an impact on the community.

Crave2Create is the perfect platform that will help me combine the two sides of the spectrum and help bring the art and science together. I would like to contribute to the society by being a part of this effort to bridge the gap between the artists and the appreciative audience.

I am very excited to be a part of this venture and look forward to support the mission of C2C.



Vibha Kumar

Logistics and Communications

I have always appreciated the power of good communication skills, which not only promotes a better understanding of people but also helps build long lasting relationships. I am a people person and love the time I spend at work servicing my clients and helping them with their financial needs.

I am a highly enthusiastic and self motivated person. And that has been my strength throughout my life. Growing up as a child and now, I have always had fascination for artists whether in music, dance or for someone as simple as a street side vendor weaving colorful fruit baskets! These are skills I have always admired.

Crave2create has given me the opportunity to utilize my strengths and admiration to contribute to the field of art and make a difference in the diverse community I live in. I am glad to be part of the C2C team!

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